Club Fees Overview

Villarreal Virginia Academy is dedicated at providing consistent, comprehensive, and quality development for all the individual players within our program. As is typical with programs of this nature, our staff, coaches, and developmental programs must be of the highest caliber to ensure we can consistently deliver positive results.

The budget to run our successful travel soccer program is almost funded through player fees.  These player fees cover required costs including Travel Soccer Staff, coaching fees, league and referee fees, VIVA Club Admin fees, VYSA, player insurance, County Fees, Team Registration Fees, US Club Card, NCSL Card.  This fee DOES NOT include Tournament Costs, Coach Travel Expenses for Tournaments, State Cup, US Club Soccer Registration, additional league fees, additional referee costs, camps, or skill development training. 

Travel Season starts in August 2022 and ends in June 2023.   Additionally, this is a year-round program with Winter Indoor NOT included.

VIVA Travel Soccer makes a commitment to its professional coaching staff and players. We expect VIVA players and their families to make the same in return. Additional team costs can vary, depending upon the number of tournaments entered, player equipment and team travel.

 Fees for the 2022 - 2023, which can be paid over 5 installments beginning Upon Acceptance.




Junior Academy



U9 - U10



U11 - U12








Villarreal Virginia Travel Fees included:

· Coaching Compensation: All payments to your team coaching staff will be made by VIVA.  Does not include travel tournaments expenses greater than 50 miles.

· League fees and Player Card:  League fees for VPSL (ECNL-RL) and NCSL League fees, Club card feels for both NCSL and US Club Soccer.

· Youth Club Administration Costs: The travel soccer program is assessed a per player per season admin fee that is used to cover general Youth Club Admin and Capital Improvement Fund, IT, and marketing.

· Fairfax County Field Assessments: The travel soccer program is assessed a per player per season fee for field usage of Fairfax County Fields. Seasons include spring and fall. Additional fees are assessed for that player residing outside of Fairfax County.

· Field Maintenance and Rental Costs: Costs associated with the general maintenance contracts (Mason District Park, Ossian Hall Park, Pine Ridge and Bailey’s ES, Thomas Jefferson HS, Justice HS & rental fees.

· Equipment for Players & Coaches:  Goals, Pennies, Futsal Goals, VIVA Small Sided Goals, Corner Flags, Game Balls NPL.

· Travel Soccer Administrative Costs: online registration fees, supplies, storage, website maintenance, one club event, regional subsidies etc.

· Referee Fees:  Referees for all events, VPSL (NPL) – ECNL – NCSL) Teams are responsible to pay for EDP Referees.

· Villarreal Virginia Academy Membership Fee

· Fall Soccer League 2022

· Spring Soccer League 2023

· Winter Outdoor Practice - weather permitting. Winter – 2023 (December we do not train) (Jan-Feb)

· Villarreal Virginia Academy:  All year-round Soccer Program – U15 and above train all year round from February to December – 3 practices a week (2 team practices a week – 1 Club Practice) – Scrimmages and Games on Weekends.  This program is providing opportunity for players to play at the next level.  (The TD determines necessary breaks for players due to fatigue and HS season, team may get practice off after long tournament weekend etc.) Coaching fees (not expenses) are covered for four tournaments per year.

The VIVA Travel Club Fees DOES NOT include the following listed items:

These items are typically covered in a separate team fee. Team fees will vary between teams depending upon the activities of the individual team.

· Tournaments - Teams will pay all costs associated with playing in tournaments.

· Coaches Expenses - Travel and accommodation expenses for coaches are paid by the team.

· State Cup - teams playing in US CLUB State Cup will pay their entry fees and other costs.

· Uniforms - One uniform kit per player, which generally includes 3 jerseys, 3 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of socks, is paid directly by the families. Teams are encouraged to order as a unit.  ¼ zip and a bag.  Springfield Soccer is our Club provider of our Villarreal Virginia Academy.

· OPTIONAL Gear - Some teams will purchase additional items/gear.

· Winter and Summer Permits are additional per player fee.

· College Coaching Clinics: In previous Seasons - College coaches have run clinics for Villarreal Virginia Academy players for age groups U15 and above, VIVA does not guarantee college coaches attendance, but has had college coaches on our fields regularly.
* Local Teams participate in limited number of tournaments and their Season is from August - November and March to June.

· Winter Indoor League



Sibling Discount Program
The VIVA Travel Soccer Program offers a 20% Sibling Discount to those families that have 2 or more children playing. This discount is applied to the lower of the fees in question. For example, if you have two children playing in the travel program (U15 Boys and U12 girls) then the 20% discount would be applied automatically to the U12G player fees.


Any further questions regarding this program can be directed to your VIVA Club Representative. These will be applied to the last payments

Optional Training Programs
VIVA Travel Soccer will offer optional training programs during the summer and winter months. These programs will be offered "ala carte" to the players. A separate registration and fee will be required to participate in these club sponsored programs.   Trips to Villarreal CF Spain.

Refund Policy
· No Refund after commitment to join team. Acceptance is a yearly commitment: Players who withdraw from a VIVA Travel Soccer Team after accepting a position in the program before the beginning of season play WILL NOT be granted a refund of his/her per player fees. The player’s member pass may not be released until all fees have been paid.

· Injury Waiver: If a player is injured prior to the beginning of league play, and cannot participate for the remainder of league play, the player may be entitled to an Injury Waiver. The Injury Waiver will allow the player to remain on the roster and he/she will be responsible for a pro-rata fee of for the seasonal period. A player injured after the beginning of league play is responsible for the FULL seasonal period player fees. Refunds are subject to 10% administrative charge.

All refund requests must be submitted via email to the VIVA Administrator – Michelle Augustine –  

VYSA Policy Regarding Nonpayment of Club/Team

Financial Obligations by Travel Players 


1. Transfer between Clubs or Teams during Seasonal Year

It is the policy of VYSA and US Club Soccer that all travel players registered with VYSA are responsible for making payments required in writing by their clubs and/or teams. Accordingly, VYSA will not process a transfer of a player from one club/team to another during the seasonal year if that player is not current on his or her financial obligations, provided that (1) the financial obligation is set forth in writing and acknowledged by the player’s family, and (2) the obligation is for the current seasonal year.


For purposes of this policy, any written financial obligation signed by the player’s family will be sufficient, including a financial obligation set forth in an electronic registration document and acknowledged electronically at the time of registration.

This policy does not apply to a player who changes clubs or teams between seasonal years.

If a club or team objects to a transfer by a player during or between seasons due to failure to make required payments, the club or team must, within three business days of the transfer request, submit to the VYSA office an email to objecting to the transfer. Failure to notify VYSA, could result in VYSA approving the release of the player.  VYSA will notify the family that the transfer is being held until payment is made. A club or team must notify VYSA immediately upon payment (within two business days) to release the transfer request. If VYSA determines a club or team has placed a hold on a transfer in bad faith, the club or team may be sanctioned.

Michelle Augustine at – English for alternative Payment Plan Options
Carlos Aranda at – Spanish Speaking for alternative Payment Plan Options


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