Refund Policy


· No Refund after first team practice commences: Players who withdraw from a VIVA Travel Soccer Team after accepting a position in the program before the beginning of season play will NOT be granted a refund of his/her per player fees. The player’s member pass may not be released until all fees have been paid.

· Partial Refund Prior to Start of League Play: Players who withdraw from a VIVA Travel Soccer Team prior to the beginning of league play may be entitled to a partial refund. The player will be responsible for pro-rata fees covering the amount of time the player spent in the Program (i.e., beginning of the seasonal period through the date of the official release). If the player has paid more than the pro-rate player fee, he/she may be entitled to a refund of the difference, providing the player is not in arrears to the team (for additional costs) that he/she is leaving. The overage may be applied to the team arrearage.

· Injury Waiver: If a player is injured prior to the beginning of league play, and cannot participate for the remainder of league play, the player may be entitled to an Injury Waiver. The Injury Waiver will allow the player to remain on the roster and he/she will be responsible for a pro-rata fee of for the seasonal period. A player injured after the beginning of league play is responsible for the FULL seasonal period player fees. Refunds are subject to 10% administrative charge.

· If Covid-19 interferes with the season again payments will be frozen until we can resume play, and or a prorated refund.  We will adopt online training for a limited period of 45 days prior to refunds starting.  

All refund requests must be submitted via email to the VIVA Administrator – Michelle Augustine –

VYSA Policy Regarding Nonpayment of Club/Team

Financial Obligations by Travel Players 

1. Transfer between Clubs or Teams during Seasonal Year

It is the policy of VYSA and US Club Soccer that all travel players registered with VYSA are responsible for making payments required in writing by their clubs and/or teams. Accordingly, VYSA will not process a transfer of a player from one club/team to another during the seasonal year if that player is not current on his or her financial obligations, provided that (1) the financial obligation is set forth in writing and acknowledged by the player’s family, and (2) the obligation is for the current seasonal year.

For purposes of this policy, any written financial obligation signed by the player’s family will be sufficient, including a financial obligation set forth in an electronic registration document and acknowledged electronically at the time of registration.

This policy does not apply to a player who changes clubs or teams between seasonal years.

In the event that a club or team objects to a transfer by a player during or between seasons due to failure to make required payments, the club or team must, within three business days of the transfer request, submit to the VYSA office an email to objecting to the transfer. Failure to notify VYSA, could result in VYSA approving the release of the player.  VYSA will notify the family that the transfer is being held until payment is made. A club or team must notify VYSA immediately upon payment (within two business days) to release the transfer request. In the event that VYSA determines a club or team has placed a hold on a transfer in bad faith, the club or team may be sanctioned.

2. Involuntary Release of Player for Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

If a player fails to meet his or her financial obligations pursuant to a written obligation, a club or team may involuntarily release the player at any time during the seasonal year, provided that the team has followed the process as outlined in the VYSA Travel Team Registration Manual (5.27).

If you have any questions, please ask your registrar for assistance; or contact the VYSA State Office.
Sibling discount are not provided when the youngest of two players is in our Pre-Academy or recreational program, if there are three family members that the sibling discount is provided on the third child regardless of age.

Carlos Aranda at –For Alternative Payment Plan Options

An administrative fee of $50.00 will be added to the 7-month payment plan, A $100 administrative fee will be added to the 9-month payment.  SIBLING DISCOUNT A discount of 20% second sibling on lowest player fee.