Villarreal CF Soccer Academy: e-Player Development Program

Our e-PDP is designed for players who are seeking to complement their training sessions with a different approach that focuses on their ability to understand the game and improve as a player, not only physically but also tactically.

After analyzing the player, the coach will guide them in focusing on some key goals that can be improved. During the online video meetings, together the coach and player will analyze the player's behavior during games and training sessions that have been recorded, and determine how the player can progress. The coach will also use videos and animations to help the player develop the skills that he or she needs to improve.

The main benefits of this program are: -
To enhance the player’s ability to understand the game and see beyond what they are currently aware of -
To assist the player's in modifying certain behaviors so they can improve -
To allow the player to develop their decision-making process during games -
To be customized and focused on the player’s needs -
To develop players that have the strength to act individually while also considering the needs of their team

This program is offered in packs of four individual online video meetings with an assigned Villarreal CF coach. Usually the coach and player will meet once a week for a one-hour analysis session. The player can also use this time to ask any questions he or she might have regarding their training or development as a player. At the end of the session, the coach will assign some tasks for the player to do before the next session.

The player and coach will find a time that is suitable for both of them in advance. This time does not have to be the same every week, but it has to be planned in advance. If you are interested in this program please contact us at bo.amato@villarrelva.org and cc international@villarrealcf.es and we will provide you with further information.